How much is “ Tecatito ” Corona, one of the 10 most valuable footballers worth

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Jesús “Tecatito” Corona appears in the l10 player roster more valuable that will run out of equipment in 2022, at the end of his current contract with Porto (Portugal); according to the company KPMG Football Benchmark, which places Kylian Mbappé, of the Paris Saint-Germain, at first place from the table.

According to the company that analyzes the financial, operational and social performance of over 300 football clubs, “Tecatito” Corona occupies the ninth position with a market value of 26.3 million euros (620 million Mexican pesos); at least 4 million euros below of the calculation of Transfermarkt which rounds to 30 million euros (714 million pesos) its cost to the player.

According to the information taken by ESPN, the Monterrey youth squad is only above the Danish Andreas Christensen, from Chelsea, valued at 25.6 million euros (595 million pesos) at 25 years of age.

Where does Jesús ” Tecatito ” Corona currently play?

The Mexican stays with the Blue dragons, a team with which I may renew in the summer of 2022, to throw down the rumors that point to the clubs of Sevilla Spain) and Milano, Italy).

Where is ” Tecatito ” Corona from?

The 28-year-old soccer player, born on January 6 in Hermosillo (Sonora); is one of the most popular international found in the Mexican team and now it can boast of being one of the most valuable.

In fact, his good performance and perseverance within the field had already placed him as one of the candidates for Best Footballer of the Year within the Portuguese league; along with the names of Sebastián Coates, Mario González and Pedro Goncalves.

The first three places are completed, the French appears Federico Chiesa, from Juventus, with 87.7 million euros (2,073 billion); followed by Leon Goretzka, from Bayern Munich with 52.5 million euros (1,239 billion).

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