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It is better not to imagine everyday life without a smartphone. Smartphones have become an important part of our life. After using the mobile for work for the whole day, its battery gets exhausted and you recharge the mobile. Some people make such mistakes while charging the mobile. Which gives them trouble. For example, many people do not use the original charger when charging the phone. But, it can have a bad effect on mobile. Not only this, the possibility of battery damage increases due to charging the mobile incorrectly. We will tell you about those mistakes. Which you often do while charging your mobile and you are not even aware of it. However, with a little care, the damage caused by these mistakes can be avoided. Know about it in detail and take proper care while charging the smartphone.

Avoid using charging apps

Avoid using charging apps: While charging the smartphone, users also make small mistakes. However, it can have serious consequences. Users are constantly doing something to charge the smartphone faster. Many times users download fast charging app to charge the phone faster. Actually, the app runs continuously in the background of the phone and your battery is consumed a lot. This will drain your phone battery quickly. That’s why you should not use these third party apps. Avoid using the charging app to charge the phone properly.

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charge phone without cover

Charge the phone without the cover. Nowadays, a smartphone cover is not a necessity but a style accessory. Users use different types of covers for their smartphones. The special thing is that the cost of some covers is also very high. But, many times people put the cover phone on charging, but do not do so. It is said that charging the phone with a mobile cover puts pressure on the phone’s battery and increases the chances of it getting damaged. So whenever you charge the phone, remove the cover.

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Charge when battery is 20%

Charge when the battery is at 20%: Some users always want to keep their phone fully charged. In an effort to do this, they continuously charge the phone even when it is not needed. But, the thing to keep in mind here is to charge the mobile only when the phone’s battery is 20% or less. By doing this there will be no pressure on the battery and the battery will not deteriorate quickly. Also, you can also put the device in airplane mode to avoid draining the phone’s battery quickly.

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use original charger

Use the original charger. Many smartphone users have a habit of using a local charger to charge the phone. But, if you want to save the phone battery from getting damaged and want to last longer, then always charge your smartphone with a genuine charger. If you charge the phone with another or local charger, it will badly affect the battery of your phone. Doing so can also damage your phone’s battery. So use only the charger that comes with the phone. The battery will last longer if the original charger is used.

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Do not charge the smartphone frequently

Do not charge your smartphone frequently. Many people keep their mobile phone on charge at any given time. This means that the mobile gets charged even when the battery is 90 percent charged. Charging the phone repeatedly puts pressure on the battery. Here is the opinion of smartphone experts. In addition, you can activate auto-brightness. This will automatically adjust the brightness of the phone. Also, it will not discharge your phone battery quickly and will give good battery backup to the phone. Crisp screen The battery of the phone drains quickly at night. So if you reduce the brightness then it will be beneficial.

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