How to get rid of gray hair?

How to get rid of gray hair?

Gray hair is a problem that is becoming more and more common in men and women from an early age.

Graying of hair with age is a natural process but if hair starts to turn white prematurely it causes problems, however there is no need to go to the doctor and use medicines containing different chemicals.

Because home remedies are also available to treat this problem which can darken your hair from the root and by using it you can regain the lost black color of your hair in a few days.

Hair Loss Prescription

The first version

Mix a little amla and sesame seeds and soak them in raw milk at night.

Apply it well on the scalp in the morning and wash off after two hours when it is dry.

This prescription will turn the hair black after trying it for some time.

The second version

If the hair is turning white due to premature weakness, then eat walnuts after eating.

Doing this for a month will make the hair black.

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