how to maintain a happy healthy relationship

how to maintain a happy healthy relationship

Insecurity is the thing that causes even the best of relationships to fall apart. Insecurity is a pest in a relationship. But by the time we realize it, we have lost a lot. Something similar happened to me. When I got married to my wife, everything was fine. I love you so much I don’t want to miss her. But gradually this love created an insecurity and this insecurity was about her being better than me, it started to make me jealous and she started to suffer the most from me. But still I didn’t care because I was surrounded by a monster of insecurity.

Insecurity not only keeps you away from your loved ones but it also instills a feeling of jealousy. Something similar happened to me. My feelings of insecurity made me the enemy of my own relationship. We all want to marry someone we love but that was not the case for me. Within a few months of my marriage, I fell in love with my wife. But I hated that she was so much better than me. (All photos: istock)

I hate her

My wife is very beautiful and very loving and she talks to everyone with open heart. This is why it makes a home easily in anyone’s mind. People are constantly praising her too. Her speech is so sweet that everyone gets fed up with it which pierces me more. As a husband, I should be proud of this. But the problem is, I’m angry about that. Everyone praises her constantly and no one asks me, I never get praise like her. Plus she gets paid more than me, is successful in her career and that’s why I hate her.

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It makes me happy to hurt her

This anger and hatred gradually diminished my love and I began to harass her. I deliberately talked to her about small things. The four of them never missed a chance to make fun of her. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. I began to think that she had changed and could not be a good wife. It used to have a lot of effect on her mind and she started crying, her confidence has decreased. I also started commenting on her cooking. I convinced her that she makes the worst dal. But after saying something like that, I immediately change it into words of encouragement because she shouldn’t feel too bad. Besides, I even made fun of her dress one day, which brought tears to her eyes. But I was quick to point out that she looks good in other clothes. I don’t like to do this but I am very happy to see her crying and feeling unwell. She should think about how much her ‘Everything Perfect’ thing bothers me. This is also one of the reasons I don’t feel guilty about doing this.

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I still love her

When she starts to cry, however, I immediately calm down and realize that somewhere you are wrong. So I take her closer and explain to her and try to avoid the subject. I appreciate her so I try to calm her down as much as possible. She is also often confused about how this person changes in a moment and behaves well. But I don’t think so. This is how I treat my wife as a husband. Isn’t it

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Will she leave me?

I don’t want to bother her, but my insecurity forces me to do it. She came forward and constantly I felt like she was trying to dominate me. She shows in front of others that I am better and superior than my husband. I look more beautiful. Today he lives because of me. I run this house. My insecurities keep telling me that she is constantly trying to make me feel inferior. But I also fear that if she realizes that she is really more successful and better than me, she will leave me.

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I have no regrets

I must confess that I have no regrets whatsoever. Because I think such things happen in the world and as a husband she should understand these things. If there’s one thing that bothers me, I expect her to avoid it. I do not think that what I am doing is wrong because I have a right to her, and she does not want me to take that for granted. Because I still love her dearly and if she hurts I hurt her too. I can’t let her go because I love her so much. I can’t stand leaving such a wonderful person. I do not disrespect her, but I want to tell her that she is my wife and I have authority over her. So I don’t feel bad about being treated badly. She never once confessed that she was unhappy with me. Yes, I always look forward to caring and loving her whenever she is upset. If you have any suggestions or suggestions for this guy, you can share them.

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