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How to save money, avoid queues and stress during air travel

Brasilia (Daily Pakistan Online) A flight attendant from Brazil has shared important tips to reduce the rising cost of travel in 2022. Jessica Lyons, 34, has been working as a cabin crew for two years. According to the Daily Star, Jessica says that following her advice will help you save money, avoid queues and stress.

According to Jessica, travel this year during the holidays is expected to be even higher than last year. After two difficult years of travel restrictions and lockdowns, passenger numbers are expected to reach their highest level in three years.

The flight attendant has advised not to book at the last time of the flight but to book in advance. Also try to choose an early morning flight, when the airport is less crowded and you can avoid long waiting times. He advises you not to be the last person to board the flight, especially if you have more than one item, as this will put you through a tedious check-in process. According to Jessica, you can save a lot of money by contacting the airline directly instead of a website or an agent.

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