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Mumbai: Today International Yoga Day is being celebrated all over the world. (International Yoga Day 2022) Bollywood’s leading actors are posting pictures and videos of their yoga poses on their social media accounts. In this, 67-year-old Pinky Roshan, mother of superstar Hrithik Roshan, has done yoga (Pinky Roshan Aqua Yoga) in the swimming pool. This video of him has gone viral on social media. After watching this video of Pinky, users are praising her on social media.

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Hrithik Roshan’s mother Pinky beats good people in terms of fitness. Pinky often shares pictures, videos of her workouts, yoga poses, exercises on her social media account. Seeing which the users are praising him fiercely. Pinky’s enthusiasm, which reached the threshold of seventy, will put every youth to shame. Pinky’s love of fitness at this age is certainly an inspiration to many.

Pinky, who is very conscious about fitness, has shared two videos from her social media account on the occasion of International Yoga Day. In one of these videos, he is seen doing Padmasana in water. While doing this asana, they are seen swimming in water with their eyes closed. While doing this asana, Pinky is accompanied by her trainer. In the second video, he is seen going underwater and walking with his breath held.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Pinky has also shared her pictures from various yoga poses. Pinky has shared her videos and photos while doing yoga like this before. Everyone is praising this enthusiasm of Pinky. Pinky has earlier shared her pictures and videos of boxing and lifting heavy dumbbells.

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