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SNP First Minister Humza Youssef sparked outrage after failing to mention Hitler’s massacre of Jews in his two-minute Holocaust Remembrance Day speech.

The First Minister has been blasted for refusing to mention the “J-word” in her video, despite saying that “commemorating the victims of the Holocaust has never been more important”.

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Mr Yusuf spoke only of “millions of lives cut short in the most violent and brutal manner”.

Later in the video, he was seen lighting a candle for Holocaust Remembrance Day, which he said he did in “solidarity with everyone affected by the Holocaust.”


Although many different minorities and political opponents were exterminated in Adolf Hitler’s genocide, Jews were the majority with six million deaths.

Many acknowledged the First Minister’s failure to mention Jews in his video, which historian and BBC presenter Sir Simon Schama called “shockingly offensive”.

Sir Simon said the First Minister was “too scared to use the J-word”.

He said: “It is not enough that millions of our people have died; Now we’ve disappeared for the second time—exactly what the Reich meant.”

The speech was also criticized from around the world, with Australian political activist Drew Pavlow condemning “complete and total bullshit to refuse to mention Jews even once in your Holocaust memorial statement”.

He said, “Six million Jews were killed just because they were Jews, but if you listen to Humzah, you wouldn’t know that.”

He accused the First Minister of removing all “context and historical basis” of the Holocaust, making it “a stand-in for the supernatural evil that went into and out of the world between about 1939 and 1945 – nobody asked who and questions about why it was targeted.

Another historian and broadcaster, Simon Montefiore, joined the onslaught of criticism, describing Mr Youssef’s video as “laughably modest”.

He described the speech as a guide on “how to demonstrate your solemn righteousness by commemorating Holocaust Day without mentioning the Jewish people.”

Another Australian news anchor, Rita Panahi, asked Mr Yusuf: “Did you forget a word or two? Jews? jewish How do you make a statement about Holocaust Remembrance Day without mentioning the Jews?

The SNP First Minister is also under fire this morning for refusing to cut Scotland’s funding for UN refugee agency UNRWA after Israel revealed some of its staff were personally involved in the October 7 terror attack.

Major democracies including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States have suspended funding to the agency.

Mr Yusuf made it clear the Scottish Government would not continue to fund UNRWA despite the concerns and pledged to help them “as much as possible”.

In response, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross said cutting support would be “the responsible and right thing for Humza Yusuf”.

Minister and Scottish MP Andrew Bowie tweeted: “Countries that have announced they are temporarily suspending funding to UNRWA due to investigation into potential terrorist links – US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, Italy, Finland, Iceland and Estonia, so far.”

– But Humza Yusuf knows well.


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