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The forecast for Hurricane Fiona was little changed on Wednesday morning and Prince Edward Islands are being warned to prepare for a major storm.

Although it hasn’t changed much, the forecast has moved the hurricane’s likely path a little closer to the island, and it is predicted to be stronger.

“Now it looks like it’s going to make landfall somewhere in Cape Breton early Saturday morning,” CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin said on Island Morning Tuesday.

“Some of the latest models have a Category 3 hurricane passing over Sable Island.”

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement early Wednesday morning.

The federal agency says Fiona’s merger with another weather system will produce heavy rain starting Thursday night, with flooding and road washouts likely.

Strong or gusty winds will begin Friday night and peak Saturday.

‘The Great Storm’

There is still a level of uncertainty, Simpkin said, but the window of uncertainty is narrowing as the storm moves north.

“Regardless of the track of this storm, even if it changes 100 kilometers or not, it’s a big enough storm that it’s going to have impacts here on PEI,” Simpkin said.

“If we’re prepared, we’re less afraid and we know where everything is.”

Fiona will end a wet week already.

It rained continuously throughout the night on Tuesday. It will end in the morning, but showers will continue and there is a risk of thunderstorms during the day.

Thursday’s forecast calls for showers.

Some Northumberland ferry crossings between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are already canceled this week due to inclement weather.


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