I remember the game called pitching

I remember the game called pitching

baseball, forever

By Arturo Millet Molina

All lovers of this sport will remember that for many years the name of this article is what was expressed to refer to baseball. Is it still valid?

Recalling my time as president of the Lions, I will give you a series of facts and statistics that will lead you to answer the question.

My debut in 1987 is marked by Oswaldo Olivares, Rudy Hernández, Luis Lora and Tomás Delgado, who hit for a percentage above .300, with Fernando Villaescusa and Juan José Pacho scratching that figure. However, in pitching only Freddy Arroyo stands out with a 13-11 win-loss record and a 3.05 earned run percentage. Result? We finished bottom of our division.

The pitching of Mercedes Esquer (14), Andrés Cruz (13), Lorenzo Retes (9) and Ramón Villegas (9), who were with the team throughout the 1988 season and contributed 64 percent of the 70 victories that the team, plus the hitting of Nick Castañeda, Ike Blessit, Wes Clements, Juan José Pacho and Max Venable, classify us to our first postseason series, which we lose to the Devils four games to one.

In 1989 we scratched the championship by losing the Final Series against the Tecolotes de los Laredos in six games. Mercedes Esquer’s pitching shines with a record of 16-4 and a magnificent percentage of earned runs, 1.98. He is supported by Andrés Cruz and Tom Dozier, with 15 and 13 wins, respectively. With the bat only Dan Drissen exceeds the .300 percentage, but Ray Torres, Juan Francisco Rodríguez and Ricardo Herrera were very close. The former and Clements take the fence 26 and 24 times, respectively.

Although Nick Castañeda won his second batting title with the Lions and we had three strikers above .300 percentage, the team did not qualify for the playoffs by finishing the 1990 season with marks of 64 and 65, and Tom Dozier and Salvador Colorado win 15 and 14 games, in that order.

With Fernando Villaescusa back as manager in 1991, they have a good season with a 70-52 record, only six games behind the Devils, a team that eliminates them in the first playoff, sweeping them in four games. Cornelio García, Baltazar Valdez, Tommy Hinzo, Villaescusa himself and Leo Hernández bat over .300, with only two pitchers, over ten wins, Esquer and Dozier.

In 1992, my farewell, we have a more balanced team in batting and pitching with Cornelio García, Todd Brown, Villaescusa and Tommy Hinzo batting above .300 and the postal packages Mercedes Esquer, Andrés Cruz, Gary Eave and Francisco Montaño, with ten or more victories, but it is only enough for us to qualify for fourth place and fall in the first playoff against the Tigers.

Note: The modern era and the changes in the rules and strategies in the king of sports have radically transformed its actions. After the above, what do you think?

How great is baseball!

Former president of the Lions of Yucatan; country club president

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