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Iepac returns a remainder of $144,963.99 to the Executive Power

Iepac returns a remainder of $144,963.99 to the Executive Power

Despite the fact that the state Executive cut around nine million pesos from the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (Iepac), the General Council of this institution agreed yesterday, as last year, to return to the state government 144,963.99 pesos of remnants that they had in the exercise of the previous year.

It was recalled that there is a million pesos that in 2020 they decided to “donate” to the Executive and remain “immobilized, distracted”.

In an extraordinary remote session, the electoral councilors approved, in addition to the adjustment to their budget with the cut that they applied, the incentive program for personnel of the professional electoral service attached to Iepac, as well as the table of equivalences with the structure of levels, positions and positions, the creation of the Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination Unit and the publication of the Catalog of Public Policies and Transcendental Government Acts.

When discussing adjustments to the budget, the return of a remainder was included.

In the opinion of the general electoral councilor Jorge Vallejo Buenfil, it was a timid act because these resources should not be returned, and should be preserved, considering that the autonomy of institutions such as Iepac begins with their economy, which is often tried to be violated by always awarding them less resources to try to keep them “on their knees”.

Alberto Rivas Mendoza, also an electoral advisor, replied that the return of the remnants is not a timorous act, but to comply with what the law says, it should not be overlooked that institutions like this one live under rules that must be respected and complied with .

Vallejo Buenfil recalled that two years ago this council also approved by a majority that one million pesos be donated to the state government, resources that until today remain “immobilized, distracted”, due to misinterpretations of the law, which together with the remnants that They only show the administrative errors, the poor capacity to exercise the resources in this institution.

The president councilor Moisés Bates Aguilar also expressed himself in favor of returning this remainder, considering that this makes the use of public resources at his charge transparent, in addition to the fact that the budget laws establish it.

Last year, remnants were also returned to the State government and were of the order of 278,922.63 pesos.

Finally, with only the vote against Vallejo Buenfil and six in favor of the other electoral councilors, it was approved to return to the State government the remainder of 144,963.99 pesos that were left over in the previous year’s budget exercise.

Regarding the creation of the Gender Equality and Non-discrimination Unit, Claudia Morales Manrique was also appointed as its director, which was considered the beginning of the struggle in this institute, especially against discrimination in sectors such as indigenous, disabled and LGBT communities.—

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