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If only it were that simple

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has targeted ruthless legal action against hoarders and profiteers. In the high-level meeting, the prime minister gave a free hand to the district administration and law enforcement agencies in the federation and provinces, saying that strictest action should be taken against those taking profit, hoarding and excessive fees. Shahbaz Sharif said that before Ramadan, cleaning should be done in warehouses, shops and markets, floods, financial problems of the people who charge excess price during Ramadan should be dealt with iron hands. Apart from this, the prime minister directed the federal government to control the abundance and prices of commodities during Ramadan along with the chief ministers and directed that those harassing the fasting people during the month of worship would be taught a lesson with the force of the law. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that if there is a disruption in the demand, supply and prices of commodities, action will be taken against the officials in the respective areas. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was informed that there is no shortage of food items including wheat anywhere in the country. On which the Prime Minister attacked the officials in the meeting saying that if there is no shortage of food then why increase the price of chicken? Later, Shahbaz Sharif instructed that the availability of quality items should be ensured in public utility stores across the country. He said modern technology should be used to control prices in the Ramadan bazaar. The heartwarming instructions that the Prime Minister has issued and the kind of measures that he has ordered, if the problems were to be solved by issuing orders, it would have been done first. It is not the Prime Minister who has issued this kind of directive. Almost every prime minister who has held this position before him has wanted to reduce the public hardships and especially control inflation, but each time it is only a wish to dust. There is a dire situation, so the commitment of higher expectations from this meeting and instructions will be in the category of joyful hope. There is no doubt about the seriousness of the government’s measures to control inflation, but trying to find a solution to an intractable problem does not seem to be effective. It would have been much better if the causes and factors were investigated. It is another matter that despite this the government was made to feel that it was defeated anyway. Increased prices of petroleum products Depreciation of rupee against dollar value Continuous increase in electricity and gas prices Government is either helpless in the face of reasons like recession and inflation or the government is responsible for it if it would not be wrong to say that The main reason for inflation is the government’s itself decision, therefore, after every decision of the government, the prices of essential commodities rise. Next, what is the meaning of the instructions given to the authorities to reduce inflation. One of the reasons for inflation is instability in the country. It is futile to expect improvement in such a situation as it is everyone’s experience and observation that the situation worsens as the drugs continue to work. After admitting the fact, the authorities have the power to prevent hoarding and illegal profiteering etc. But when no one, from a baker to a chicken seller, is willing to do business with a legitimate profit sufficient to expose the reality of government action, the Prime Minister’s order must be obeyed . If the administration succeeds in taking serious measures to prevent illegal profiteering, it will be a win and attention should also be paid to the strict prevention of illegal profiteering.