If Putin was a woman, there would be no war: Johnson of Britain ProIQRA News

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According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have started the war in Ukraine if he had been a woman.

“If Putin was a woman, obviously she isn’t, but if she were, I don’t think he would have started a crazy, masculine war of aggression and violence the way he did,” Johnson said. Johnson said. German broadcaster ZDF on Tuesday evening.

Putin’s attack on Ukraine is “a perfect example of toxic masculinity”, calling for better education for girls around the world and “more women in positions of power”.

Putin, speaking in the Turkmen capital of Ashgabat, called Johnson’s comments “incorrect.”

“I would like to point out the events of modern history when (former British Prime Minister) Margaret Thatcher decided to invade Argentina in 1982 for control of the Falkland Islands,” he said.

“There, a woman decided to start a war,” the Russian leader said, ending with a British victory that year.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also responded to Johnson’s comments by telling the state-run RIA Novosti news agency that “good old men (psychological analyst Sigmund) Freud would like to have such a subject in his life for his research”. ۔

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, meanwhile, accused Johnson of harboring “sweaty fantasies.”

“What are the 7 doing together?”, He wrote on the messaging app Telegram, referring to a recent gathering of the Group of Seven leaders in Germany.

During the ZDF interview, the British prime minister also acknowledged that “of course the people want the war to end”, but “there is no deal at the moment. Putin is not offering peace.”

He added that Western allies should support Ukraine so that it can be placed in the best possible strategic position if peace talks with Moscow are possible.

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