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Even in the densely populated outer colonies of the city, the monkey menace has increased. In addition to damaging household items, monkeys also attack and injure people. In this regard, the monkey hunting team set up cages, but did not achieve the expected success. This time, compared to last year, only fifty percent of monkeys could be caught. The administration of the corporation is talking about issuing a new contract after the expiration of the current contract on March 31. In such a situation, people find no relief from the terror of the monkeys.

The Ajmer Municipal Corporation has awarded a one-year contract to a Jaipur firm to catch monkeys. The contracting firm’s nine employees set up the cages between 6 and 10 a.m. After entering the cage, the birds are released into the wild.

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remaining payment for four months

The contracting firm said the corporation had not paid for the past four months and had also reduced the contract amount. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to retain employees. Payment is made by the corporation for each monkey. This year, the contract amount has decreased compared to last year, injuries to people, loss of property.


Many areas of the region have monkey scares including Vaishali Nagar, Ashok Vihar, Anand Nagar, Delhi Gate, Naya Market, Zanana Hospital. Monkeys have been roaming around the houses since morning. They enter houses and scatter things. The wires are torn. Many people were injured.

work in the field of statistics

24 lakh rupees – last year contract amount 1500 monkeys – catch

15 lakhs is the current session contract amount

850 monkeys – caught this year, the contract expires on March 31.

1800 rupees is the amount per monkey caught

3000 – There are still monkeys in the city

they said

It was proposed to increase the number of cages from 6 to 11. Urgent action is imperative. No information has been given in writing to the Corporation Administration regarding payment of dues.Shyamlal Jangid, Secretary, Ajmer Municipal Corporation.


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