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If we keep fighting, the people will come back, President

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President Asif Ali Zardari said that after coming to power one should serve the people.

Asif Zardari addressing a rally in Khudagarhi Bakhsh, Larkana said that today Benazir Bhutto is speaking in history, the duty left by Bibi has been fulfilled, she stated in her will that she will take care of our rights.

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He said he first became the president with the power of the workers, even now he became the president of the country with his own power, there is no need for Pakistan to remain a poor country. Pakistan lost weight thinking that Babus is sitting in Islamabad, Allah has given the country everything, we can handle everything.

The President of the country said that we must sit together and think, we must come to power and serve the people, if we continue to fight, the people will be defeated. So we have to think about every step, I always take every step and I think Pakistan and people will not suffer because of me.

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Asif Zardari further said that people have been hurting Pakistan in history but now we will try to make the politicians to cooperate.

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