If you want children to succeed in education, make them accustomed to exercise

If you want children to succeed in education, make them accustomed to exercise

Exercise is essential to boost children’s mental abilities, experts say.

Scientists at the University of Geneva have recently conducted a study which found that exercise improves children’s brain function and enhances their mental abilities.

Experts say that exercise strengthens the brain, improves memory and also increases reasoning power, which helps children to learn and read math, different languages ​​and other sciences.

Scientists at the University of Geneva surveyed about 200 children by dividing them into two groups. The aim of the study was to understand the relationship between physical activity and academic ability.

A survey conducted for this research found that sports and physical exercise improve a child’s mental capacity as well as make them successful in educational activities.

In this regard, scientists tested 193 children between the ages of 8 and 12 in the province of Geneva with a shuttle running test.

The children had to run 20 meters from one line to another and return to the same place a little faster. This test was described by experts as a method of cardiovascular examination.

These children were made part of various activities. The exercising children were trained to climb the stairs and learn the alphabet and numbers ie one A, two B, thus memorizing and repeating the letters and numbers in a sequence. Was said.

Children who underwent physical exertion did better in this test and performed better. Secondly, those children who did physical exertion performed better than other children in learning mathematics and French language.

It is clear from this that physical exertion, ie exercise, leads to improvement in the mental functions of children and also leads to increase in their mental abilities.

Therefore, experts say that for the success of children in the field of education, it is necessary that they should be given regular physical exercise and exercise on a daily basis.

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