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IHC issues contempt to Islamabad IG over re-arrest of PTI leaders

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The Islamabad High Court has issued a notice to the Islamabad IG Police while hearing a petition against the re-arrest of PTI leaders Shireen Mazari, Malika Bukhari and Ali Muhammad Khan after their release despite the court order, TV channel 24NewHD reported.

Justice Miangul Hasan Aurangzeb remarked during the hearing of the case on Friday that the court is concerned in these cases.

“The government has tried to defeat the court’s subpoena. We say it’s a civilized country, what’s happening with the court orders doesn’t prove that,” the judge said.

The court said: “A campaign was launched against the constitutional courts. These courts sit to deliver justice under the law. Those campaigning took relief from the same courts yesterday. We judges cannot do talk shows, sit there and defend ourselves. Our power is bare , and the Attorney General, you are our power.”

Justice Aurangzeb said that the writ of the court is the dignity of this country. No one justifies (May 9) the violence. Put this matter before the highest authority for the sake of this country, he added.

During the hearing, Mansoor Usman Khan as the Attorney General for Pakistan said that this country must come under the constitution. Courts and all constitutional institutions must work within the constitution, he added.

He said no one could defeat the verdict. He said arrests by the Punjab police are a provincial matter. He said Punjab Police issued orders under 3MPO. It is for the court to review the legal standing of the Punjab government decision, he added.

The court said that this time will pass but its effects will remain on the country. We are here for service only.

Justice Aurangzeb became emotional as he uttered these words during the hearing. On this occasion, the lawyers standing on the podium said that “we are with the court”.

The court declared that the Punjab police cannot arrest anyone directly from Islamabad. “In retrospect, the Islamabad police cannot be divorced from that. Was the Punjab police summoned by the Islamabad police because the court stopped them from making arrests?”

Justice Aurangzeb remarked what is the reason for flouting the order of the constitutional institution?

The court ordered the Attorney General to refer this serious case to the higher authority.

Justice Aurangzeb added, “This time will pass, but the stains will remain forever. We are sitting here to serve, we live in a democracy. We are also aware of the campaign going on against the Constitutional Courts. Whatever happened will be remembered as Pakistan’s dark chapter.”

Later, the Islamabad High Court issued a contempt notice to the Islamabad IG Police. Court said why Shireen Mazari was handed over to Punjab Police despite court order?

The court ordered the IG to submit its response by Monday.

Meanwhile, Justice Miangul Hasan Aurangzeb heard the contempt of court petition for re-arrest of PTI leaders Malika Bukhari and Ali Muhammad Khan after their release. The court issued notices to the Attorney General and the Islamabad IG asking them for their response.

With this, the court postpones further hearing of the case until May 23.

Reporter Ehtisham Kiyani