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Important news for Haj users

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Web Desk: Despite Saudi Arabia’s condition, Pakistani women pilgrims will be deprived of great facilities.

Speaking to the media, the spokesman of the Ministry of Religious Affairs said that despite Saudi Arabia’s permission to perform Hajj without Muharram, Pakistani women will be deprived of this facility this year and will perform Hajj according to the previous laws. He said that this year, Hajj arrangements have been made by the Pakistani government under the previous Hajj program, so Pakistani women will be deprived of the facility for Hajj without Muharram this year.

The spokesman said that our approved policy is as per the old system where women will not be able to perform Hajj without Muharram and it is compulsory to carry Muharram with them for Hajj. He said the Hajj policy without Muharram will not have much effect on Pakistani women as they prefer to perform Hajj with their family or Muharram, but Shia women can go for Hajj without Muharram in some cases. It should be clear that in the new Hajj policy of the Saudi government, women around the world are allowed to perform Hajj even without Muharram.