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Important role of women in the World Cup

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Fatma Al Nuaimi, vital for the 2022 World Cup

Fatma Al Nuaimi is “the woman behind the Qatar 2022 World Cup”.

In the great universe of communication in football, characterized by male dominance, Fatma is the Executive Director of Communication for the next World Cup.

Fatma, he points out in an interview, is not an improvised one and assures that, fortunately at least in her field, what matters is talent and not gender.

“It is a sign of the times, not only in Qatar but throughout the world, regardless of the sector. Now they are looking for the best candidates, instead of the best male candidate, and I am pleased to be an example for young people and professional women who want to try to enter the sports industry, ”said Fatma.

“My professional progression has been gradual, as well as natural. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree and then my MBA, I started working for the Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology, where I worked with fantastic people, including one of the Prime Ministers of Qatar, who continues to be one of my role models. currently. I later joined the Supreme Organizing and Legacy Committee, the organization responsible for organizing Qatar 2022, as Senior Legacy Manager. I was tasked with managing various programs and plans to ensure that the tournament leaves a lasting positive impact on Qatar and the region long after the last match has been played. Among them, Challenge 22, our regional award for innovation, and the Josoor Institute, an academic center of excellence for professionals in the big events industry. In 2017 I went to the Communication department and got into a topic and an industry that I am passionate about. We are the voice of Qatar 2022, we have a great responsibility, something that excites me a lot. We have been telling the story of Qatar’s journey to 2022 since December 2, 2010. For the past four years, I have had the honor of leading this department, working with some of the most talented professionals in the world, and telling the world about this exciting draft. I’m also excited to empower the next generation to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. For me, the key to professional development and fulfillment is passion, commitment and, of course, hard work. I believe that being a woman in the industry is an advantage and an opportunity to show the diversity of our culture and society. And although I am proud to represent Arab and Asian women in the sports sector, I believe that it is a great privilege for anyone from our country or region to contribute to the realization of a once-in-a-lifetime project like this. “

Soccer, a sport that was previously exclusively for men, little by little opens all its areas to women, something that they have to take advantage of to continue inspiring their gender.

“In recent years, the incorporation of women into the world of sports and football has been remarkable in all possible areas. Sport is intertwined with all sectors of the economy and society and that is why I believe that it is an organic and natural step for women to be more and more present, ”said Fatma. “I hope we continue to see the progression of women in the industry, whether on the field playing, refereeing or in entities that help organize tournaments and govern soccer. The trend we are seeing today fills me with hope, which denotes a continuous upward progression of women in football ”.

“The best in history”

Criticized for the way they gave him the venue, Qatar ignores criticism and prefers to focus on organizing the “best World Cup in all history.”

“We want to be remembered as an innovative, sustainable and transformative World Cup, where people from all over the world came to visit the Middle East for the first time and had truly memorable experiences,” Fatma said.

“We have always said that it will be a tournament for the people of the region and that remains true today. Qatar is only a four-hour flight from two billion people and will be a point of contact from which fans who visit us can explore other countries in the region. In addition, in the age in which we live, Qatar 2022 acquires an even greater relevance since it is likely to be the first time that the world can unite after the Covid-19 pandemic ”.

An advantage of Qatar, says the board, is that its distances are reduced, something that will make the next World Cup more special.

“This will also be the most compact World Cup of the modern era. The maximum distance between two stadiums is only 75 kilometers, which means travel times of no more than an hour between venues. Beyond the advantages this offers teams to maximize rest and training periods and minimize travel, it also means that the entire country will be one great football festival, with an electric atmosphere. For the fans it provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience of attending up to two live games per day, ”he said. The compact nature also means that there will be no need for internal flights or long bus transfers to watch matches, it is just one flight to Doha and then short trips by public transport to all stadiums. This unique feature of the tournament will help Qatar meet one of its main strategic sustainability goals, which is to offer a carbon neutral FIFA World Cup, the first in history.

The Mexican fans are one of those that best cheer on the World Cups. Therefore, they are expected in large numbers next year in Qatar.

“Qatar 2022 will be one of the most unique FIFA World Cups in history, allowing fans to experience a new region and culture and more live football than ever before. For many, it will be the first time they travel to this part of the world and we look forward to sharing our culture and traditions with people from all corners of the planet. Hospitality is also one of the pillar principles of Arab culture and the entire country is preparing to give the more than one million fans that we hope will travel here in 2022 a warm Qatari welcome, ”Fatma said.

“We look forward to welcoming as many Mexican fans as we can in 2022 and we know that they will bring their unique passion to the historic FIFA World Cup in Qatar,” he concluded.— COLLABORATION BY PAOLA HERRERA

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