Imran Khan has reached his end, apologized to Americans and left Patli Gali: Maryam Nawaz | Pro IQRA News

Imran Khan has reached his end, apologized to Americans and left Patli Gali: Maryam Nawaz

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PML-N Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz has said that Nawaz Sharif’s daughter is in front of the nation, where is your daughter, what will the people care if he does not recognize his daughter. Addressing the Organizational Convention at Gujranwala. Maryam Nawaz , the chief organizer of PML-N said RTS election 2018 was rigged but even then Gujranwala admitted the biggest fraud, fraud, neo-sarbaz, ghari chor and 2018 I won Muslim League-N in Gujranwala. Maryam Nawaz said that those who say that the youth are not in PML-N should see this convention. Yes, the truck was parked in front of the court, don’t say it now, Maryam Nawaz was driving the truck, I don’t need to say anything now, people will understand by seeing the truck moving. So there is contempt of court, and Nawaz Sharif is expelled for having held iqama and did not take salary from his son, you hid your property and daughter, you fought 4 elections with this lie. Hello, Nawaz Sharif’s daughter is standing in front of the nation, where is your daughter, who does not recognize his daughter, what will he care about the people. Maryam Nawaz said that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was deported on a visa, he is his wife. Kobster left at the Marg, and in the courts, Nawaz Sharif told to appear in an hour, when they are called, they show the blisters, it is the same people who did making fun of Nawaz Sharif’s wife’s illness. The leader said that Nawaz Sharif was removed from the prime ministership, removed from the party chairmanship and disqualified for life, his daughter who does not hold a public office was sentenced to 10 years, while on the one hand 190 million pounds. their friend’s pockets, watches were stolen, meetings were made by taking money, they got bail while sitting in bail Park Maryam Nawaz said that those who used to say we are slaves of America, Bailiff is sitting in the park and meeting the Americans, he is violating his regime of false ciphers and himself apologizes to the Americans and leaves the alley. The league said that yesterday Jail Bharu Movement also ceased with sighs and sighs, the same Jail Bharu Movement which had not started, how come it was suspended. If I am sitting in the park, then why should the workers fill jails, now he says the doctors have declared me healthy, I had to appear in court when my leg was broken, I was cured to go to the meetings. Maryam Nawaz told the assembly that she He came out stubbornly, he asks to go there, a person who is not conscious, addicted to drugs, the fate of 22 million people can be given in the hands of such a person, pleas of such a person not heard in the mental hospital. Maryam Nawaz added that whoever doubled the loan of 70 years in 4 years asks why the dollar has become expensive, today they say why Pakistan is going down, Pakistan is going down because of the conspiracy of Nawaz Sharif. The league leader said that the boat of Imran Khan’s politics has sunk in deep water, this person has reached his end, I tell his facilitators. In this way this person has given the biggest position of his party to the biggest dacoit of Punjab. Maryam Nawaz said that Muslim League-N is ready for elections, and has entered the field, rats. Like those hiding at home, keep your election symbol car.