Imran Khan was persuaded to end his ‘Independence March’ abruptly: Report ProIQRA News

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A former chief justice of the Supreme Court, a retired army general and a leading businessman has persuaded ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan not to go ahead with a sit-in scheduled for the end of his party’s long march in Islamabad, a media reported. The report said. Saturday. Khan had started his independence march with the announcement of a sit-in in Islamabad on March 25 to press for new elections in the country but later withdrew it saying that if the government would go ahead with it. He will be happy because he will lead. For clashes between people, police and army.

“I have decided that I will sit here until the government dissolves the assemblies and announces elections, but what I have seen in the last 24 hours is (government),” he told thousands of supporters. It is leading the nation towards anarchy. Independence March on Jinnah Avenue on Thursday morning. Khan’s astonishing decision not to move forward with a sit-in at the end of the Long March took almost all the enemies and allies alike by surprise.

According to the Dawn newspaper, there is harmony in one thing, the way it all ended, at least for now, there are clear indications of who did it. The report quoted a source as saying that those who worked for the alliance included a former chief justice, a prominent businessman and a retired general.

Sources close to the talks said that it was not an easy task in view of Imran Khan’s stubbornness and the fact that he had worked hard at it. The report said that although the sources did not share the date of the talks, the talks showed that they were late on Wednesday night and probably continued till early Thursday.

Khan, on the assurance that the dissolution of the assemblies and the date of the new general elections would be announced in June, agreed to return without holding a planned sit-in. The ousted Prime Minister Khan on Thursday gave the Shahbaz Sharif government a six-day deadline to dissolve the provincial assemblies and call new general elections, warning that if the “imported government” failed to do so, it would ” In full, “the capitals will return. Nation “

“My message to the imported government is to dissolve the assemblies and call elections, otherwise I will return to Islamabad in six days,” he said on Thursday. According to the Dawn newspaper, the general impression is that the military had to play its part in preventing the situation from spiraling out of control.

Retired Lt. Gen. Naeem Khalid Lodhi, a former national security adviser, openly admitted that he too agreed. Lodhi said there was a strong possibility of positive military intervention to prevent chaos and return the symbol of political stability so that the process of economic recovery could begin.

Another retired general, speaking on condition of anonymity, said senior officials felt that no one could escape responsibility if things went in the wrong direction. The biggest challenge for the military, a source claimed, was to open up communication with Khan, especially given their strained relations. But, as the former prime minister went ahead with his plans for the Long March, there was a sense of urgency everywhere and various channels were worked out to bring him around.

The rift between the former government and the army began late last year when the Establishment decided to end all support under Khan’s leadership.

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