Imran Khan’s mastermind behind the May 9 tragedy planned at Zaman Park: Maryam Nawaz | Pro IQRA News

Imran Khan’s mastermind behind the May 9 tragedy planned at Zaman Park: Maryam Nawaz

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Wahari: (Web Desk) Maryam Nawaz said heart is crying tears of blood over May 9 tragedy, real freedom fighters are running today.
Addressing the youth convention in Wahari, Maryam Nawaz said that the heart is crying tears of blood over the tragedy of Nomai, today’s gathering is in the name of the martyrs and the mothers whose sons sacrificed, I get emotional when I talk about the martyrs, the martyrs of Pakistan do not belong to the army or any organization.
He said how unfortunate would be the person who set fire to the memorials of the martyrs to fulfill a heinous agenda, can anyone do such a big betrayal to his country, the Quran says that martyrs live, is this treatment of martyrs acceptable?
Maryam Nawaz said that all this did not happen suddenly on May 9, the terrorist plan was made inside Zaman Park, the mastermind was the thief of Tosha Khana, the robber of 60 billion was Chortha, such an attack could not even be attempted by the enemy, the terrorist Imran showed that he could do it.
He said that just like saboteurs, terrorists target and prepare for suicide, it was planned in the same way, The Mall of Lahore also comes in front of the Corps Commander’s House, the glass was not broken there, they directly went to the Corps Commander’s House and attacked, one by one. What was set up, Imran had told when he was arrested, you have gone here.
Addressing the convention, he further said that we also took a stand against General Bajwa, General Faiz, Nawaz Sharif is the son of this soil, he said Bajwa, Faiz must answer, this said Nawaz Sharif in 2019-20, The aim was to rule the army and create a wave of violence.
Maryam Nawaz said the nation demands an answer, when the party leaves Quetta it goes straight to the cantonment.
During the speech, he said that I should also tell that Imran was not alone in the events of May 9, but the facilitators were also involved. I say openly that it was an armed insurgency against the Pakistan Army. Daco is afraid of going to jail, PTI left where they came from.
He said General Asim Munir was removed for pointing out corruption, General Faiz was brought in, he stopped the appointment of the new DGIS, when it was General Asim Munir’s turn, he was told not to let Nawaz Sharif be appointed as the new army chief May 25 he came to Islamabad with a Kulong march, the purpose of the long march was to prevent Asim Munir from becoming the army chief.
Maryam Nawaz said that Imran Khan used to say that he will remove the AC from Nawaz Sharif’s room, Nawaz Sharif will not leave, but today he is sitting as a lesson to the whole world. They are taking revenge, Maryam is not taking revenge.
He further said that he will sacrifice his life even if he goes to jail for the sake of this earth. He arrogantly thought that I will break the assembly and the battle will be reversed, I will take a long march and the battle will be reversed, I will attack the army and the battle will be reversed, the real freedom seekers are running today.