In India, the country is crowded for the Muslims, the Muslims’ houses in New Delhi are being demolished | Pro IQRA News

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New Delhi: In India land was restricted to Muslims, 25 houses of Muslims were demolished in New Delhi.

According to the details, the Modi government has made it difficult for Muslims to live in India, the Indian authorities have demolished a large number of Muslim houses in the south-western part of the capital New Delhi in another dastardly act.

Delhi Development Authority demolished the houses of the Muslims under the guise of encroachment in Fatehpur Beri, the women continued to give decades but the authorities did not listen, they were not even allowed to take the necessary equipment before demolishing the houses.

Police assisting Delhi Development Authority staff also used brutal force against women protesting the demolition without notice.

Human Rights Watch and other international organizations have already expressed concern that authorities in India are adopting laws and policies that systematically discriminate against Muslims.



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