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Abir Ghoshal, Agartala: Tripura Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha heard a plea to go out on the last day of the campaign and get rid of the problem of waterlogging. Chief Minister Manik Saha is contesting the by-election as BJP candidate from Town Bardowali Center. Manikbabu went from house to house in the morning on the last day of the campaign. Another Minister of State Ratan Lal Nath was also present On this day, Manikbabu (Tripura Politics) heard about the suffering of water logging while going from house to house in Bidurkata Chaumahani area.

A woman there said, “We beg you, now you, Chief Minister, please free us from the suffering of water logging. We have lived a miserable life for the last few days. Please see us so that we can get rid of this condition quickly. ” He told voters that every effort would be made to resolve the issue. Work in progress. Sorry for the inconvenience. Incidentally, heavy rains have been falling in various states of North-East India in the last few days. Tripura 7 was not left out Part of the city of Agartala was flooded.

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The opposition started mocking the BJP government. Why is this the case in Smart City? BJP opposition leaders have thrown questions. On this day, Manikbabu said in his reply, “They had the government for so many years Why didn’t they do anything? We are working with responsibility All the difficulties of the people will be removed. ” The sports shoes and jogging outfits started after the promotion. Preaching goes beyond mud and water.

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On this day, he said, people are talking about development. We are also talking about development. I am asking people to vote for development by asking questions. The weather has become the real opponent in the vote If heavy rain falls again, and if the city floats in it again, then how will people go to the booth? However, according to political circles, the BJP may go against the stagnant water Therefore, the ruling party is very worried about the weather. However, the Chief Minister did not stop attacking the opposition. He said, “Congress does not really want those non-existent leftists. There will be no grassroots factor.” Incidentally, Manik Babu’s opposition candidate is Congress heavyweight Ashish Saha. Who left the BJP and joined the Congress.

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