In view of the increasing number of Kovid-19 infections, the use of masks has been made mandatory in the district. Pi News

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Go to public places wearing masks only: DM

– Follow social distance two yards distance


In view of the re-increasing number of infections of Kovid-19, in order to control it in Darbhanga district, District Magistrate Rajiv Roshan has directed the concerned officials to ensure 100% use of masks in public places.

To avoid the increasing risk of infection of Kovid-19, the guidelines issued for Kovid-19, in which it has been made mandatory to follow social distance of two yards, sanitize hands frequently and wear masks in public places.

It is noteworthy that in recent times, the number of patients of Kovid-19 is increasing again. At the same time, the officials of the Health Department have been instructed to expedite the investigation of Kovid-19 again.