India is wary of diplomatic relations with Myanmar, but what are these relations with the military government called? | Pro IQRA News

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The Special Advisory Council-M is a group of international experts that helps those fighting for human rights and justice in Myanmar.

In addition to India and China, Japan also points to expanding ties with the Myanmar junta.

India was among the eight countries that participated in the Myanmar Armed Forces Day last March. This day is celebrated in honor of the Myanmar army.

However, India also understands that supporting Myanmar’s military government could prove detrimental to India as India faces a major refugee problem, as it did in 2017 due to the Rohingya refugees.

Observers say that the military junta is in no hurry. Sidoti says the best way for India to maintain good relations with Myanmar is to support the pro-democracy movement and the NUG.

He says: “This will put intense political and economic pressure on the military government to relinquish power, go back to the barracks and hand over government to the NUG.”