India to include 175 new warships in its navy, Navy to tackle China’s challenge | Pro IQRA News

India to include 175 new warships in its navy, Navy to tackle China’s challenge

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China is continuously increasing its military power, its intention is to strike back America by increasing its military power. China also wants to challenge India by increasing this power. It wants to surround India in the Indian Ocean, while India has also started making its strategy after understanding China’s intentions. Therefore, India is striving to increase its naval strength.

To increase its military strength, China pays special attention to its navy and continuously adds new ships to its fleet. India has decided to increase its naval strength to compete with China.

According to an article published in the English newspaper ‘Times of India’, India plans to include 175 new warships in the fleet by the year 2035, of which the construction of a large number of warships has also begun. The good thing is that most of these ships will be built in India only.

At present, India has 132 warships while around 150 aircraft and 130 helicopters. The Navy has all three types of aircraft – fighter, reconnaissance and cargo aircraft. The article in the ‘Times of India’ estimates that by 2030, India will have 155-60 warships. Currently, the Navy is considering taking this number to 175. With this, India will be able to establish its presence more strongly in other regions including the Indian Ocean.

Indian Navy ships off the coast of Mauritius
Indian Navy ships off the coast of Mauritius

The Modi government has also been very serious about the Navy for some time now. Since the commissioning of the navy’s aircraft carrier Vikrant last year, new deals have been signed for the navy. These include 3 new submarines, 26 Rafale M aircraft, 5 logistics ships and many other deals.

At the same time, India has also increased its naval manufacturing capacity. Now the Navy designs most of the warships itself. Information has also emerged that a similar platform has been developed for ships for faster construction.

In addition, the amount of foreign material in India’s shipbuilding is also reducing. Special steels used in ships are now also manufactured in India. Many other major systems are also manufactured in India, saving money and reducing dependence on foreign countries.

But despite all these successes, the strength of the Navy is affected due to slow progress on many issues. In recent years, the plan to buy 6 new submarines for the navy has not been able to materialize, likewise the third aircraft carrier is awaiting government approval. In addition, the Navy also needs helicopters.

But the government is now working rapidly in the direction of providing new ships and weapons to the navy. Work is also underway on new missiles for the navy. DRDO is continuously working for this.

Along with increasing its capabilities to deal with China, India is also increasing cooperation with other countries. China is in conflict with countries such as America, Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan over sea control. India is also increasing military cooperation with these countries. In the same sequence, steps have also been taken recently regarding the repair of US Navy warships in India. But to counter China, India needs to speed up the construction of its warship.