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Worse than Pakistan and Nepal

New Delhi: The value of the Indian currency has continued to depreciate for the past few days. This has created an atmosphere of concern in the market. However, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently said that the Indian rupee has depreciated less than other countries. However, the World Hunger Index has revealed the shocking fact of the large number of homeless people in India compared to other countries. India has moved from 101st to 107th in the Global Hunger Index. The index revealed that India’s situation is worse than Pakistan, which is suffering from financial difficulties, and Nepal, which is considered to be India’s younger brother. .

According to the data released in 2021, India was ranked 101 on the list. This location was also enough to highlight the dire situation regarding hunger in India. However, according to this year’s figures, there has been a further decline in six figures. India is now ranked 107 out of 121 countries. India is followed by neighboring countries Nepal (81), Pakistan (99), Sri Lanka (64) and Bangladesh (84).

The list is published annually by Concern Worldwide and Wealth Hunger Life. The severity of hunger is estimated based on these criteria based on the statistics of people living in a state of hunger in the respective country. Classification is done accordingly. As India gets a rating of 29.1 on these criteria, it can be seen that India has fallen down the list. A score below 9.9 is considered good in this country. A rating of 10 to 19.9 is considered good. A rating between 20 and 34.9 is considered critical, between 35 and 49.9 dangerous, and a rating above 50 is critical.

Four important criteria

Basically four main criteria are considered as basis for preparation of this list. The Global Hunger Index is based on the undernutrition criteria of how little food children under five years of age receive compared to their height; Relatively few and how many children under the age of five die each year. thousand

At the bottom is Yemen.

Yemen is at the bottom of the list at 121st. Asian countries China and Kuwait are among the top countries. The countries of continental Europe are at the top in this list.


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