India’s fake passport and Aadhar card found from Afghan MMA star Abdul, was trying to escape after attack on Indian fighter Pi News

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Afghanistan’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star Abdul Azim Badakshi, along with Afghans and supporters, attacked Indian fighter Shrikant Shekhar outside the ring. In this attack, Srikanth broke his jaw and suffered serious injuries, due to which the player had to be admitted to the hospital.

According to reports, on June 24, in Matrix Fight Night 9 held in New Delhi, Abdul Azim had fatally attacked Indian MMA fighter Shrikant Sekhar. Since then, Afghan MMA started trying to leave India.

The attack follows a fight between Seth Rosario and Badakshi, in which Badakshi is defeated. This angered his Afghan supporters. According to Shrikant Shekhar, Afghan fans had hit him with bottles and Badakshi punched him from behind. He had lodged an FIR against his Afghan counterpart.

In a video that has now surfaced, it can be seen how Badakshi and a mob of his supporters gheraoed and assaulted the Indian MMA star.

Bollywood actor and MMA talk show expert Parveen Dabas has tweeted a shocking claim. He said that Abdul Badakshi of Afghanistan has two passports, one of Afghan and the other of India. Apart from this, he also has an Aadhar card (God knows how).

Dabas has also claimed that Abdul Badakshi is trying to flee India after the information about the murderous attack on Srikkanth surfaced. Tagging Delhi Police in his tweet, he wrote, “I don’t know if Delhi Police has filed an FIR against him, but tonight he may try to leave the country.”

At the same time, after catching the matter, the Afghanistan player has deleted his Instagram account.

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Parveen Dabas has also shared pictures of Abdul Badakshi’s Indian passport and Aadhar card. His name in Indian passport and Aadhar card is Azim Sethi. In Aadhar card, he has got his date of birth written as 10 October 1995 and address of Gurugram Haryana. At the same time, in the Indian passport, he has given his place of birth as Delhi.

After the attack on the Indian fighter, the Afghanistan fighter has been banned by Matrix Fight Night. Abdul Azim Badakshi was the biggest fighter to take part in MFN.

Let us inform that on the night of 24 June in New Delhi, Abdul Azim Badakshi attacked Srikkanth with a deadly attack when Azim was supporting his compatriot Zahor Shah and Srikkanth his partner Seth Rosario from outside the ring in a match.