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Infonavit will take its ” Solutions Fair ” to municipalities

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In addition, it is planned to extend the days in which it is carried out

Offering workers the “Solutions Fair” on Saturdays has been so successful, especially when they rest and do not have to ask permission to go to do their paperwork with Infonavit, so the possibility that they do not be it only one day, but two, because it would also be done on Sundays, which is considered a non-working date in many work centers, said Rogerio Castro Vázquez, General and Legal Secretary of Infonavit.

The official even recalled that this fair began in the Infonavit facilities and the last ones are already outside, like the one last Saturday that was held at the Yucatan International Congress Center, and if possible it would be taken to the municipalities.

For his part, Jacinto Sosa Novelo, Infonavit delegate, who accompanied the general secretary of this institution, added that it is already a fact that this fair will bring it closer to the workers, they will begin by holding the last of this year in the colonies of Mérida,

The next November will be in Juan Pablo II, the following December in Los Vergeles and from next year they will go to the municipalities of the interior of the state.— DAVID DOMÍNGUEZ MASSA

“In addition, there is the possibility that there are two non-working days, Saturday and Sunday,” said the official.

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