International Widow Day 2022 today 23 June | Why is it celebrated? International Widow’s Day: ‘She self-immolated the flame of widowhood; Harwad pattern should be applied everywhere ProIQRA News

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Today is International Widow’s Day

Neeraj Avandekar, Akola

International Widow Day 2022: Many women experience the pain of living a widow’s life after the death of their husband. Government is not paying attention. To solve these issues, Lata Deshmukh established the Swamini Widow Development Board. The movement drew attention to the issues of widows. He died while attempting self-immolation during one such movement. Women are shocked by this death. This fight is going on for the last 18 years. Swamini is working as a support for thousands of women in Varda.

Many women have to live as widows after the death of their husbands. Restrictions have been imposed on them from breaking their bracelets to wearing them. These women suffer because they do not have a platform to express their grievances. In 2004, Lata Deshmukh established the Widow Development Board to ensure that they get justice, respect their father-in-law, live their rights, wear the clothes of their choice and receive grants from the government. Within a few days more than three thousand women from different communities joined his organization. I am convinced that anyone can speak on our behalf. Lata attempted self-immolation in a movement for widows. He died on 18 December 2007. His brother Sanjay Kamal Ashok took the initiative so that the institution would not be closed after him. Lata’s death brought these women together. The organization is continuously fighting for their rights for the injustice being done to them. Today thousands of women in Akola, Buldana and Washim districts feel the support of Swamini Sanstha.

The fight continues…

Widow should get justice

– The injustice done to them should be removed

Benefits of government schemes

– Share in father-in-law’s property

– Treat your father-in-law with respect

Swamini due to census

There was no registration of widows anywhere in the earlier census. Sanjay Kamal Ashok insisted that a census should be done for these women to live as human beings. He met the then Union Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Choudhary regarding some widows. Immediately, widows were registered in the 2011 census.

‘Harwad pattern should be applicable everywhere’

Herwad gram panchayat of Kolhapur district has set an example for the entire state by banning undesirable practices for widows. However, Sanjay Kamal Ashok has demanded that the Herwad pattern be implemented throughout the state so that these undesirable practices can be stopped in other districts of the state and widows can live with dignity.