Alert in Tzucacab about “financial”

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There was a suicide attempt due to accumulated debt

TZUCACAB.— In this town the supposed suicide attempt Of a woman, in recent days, due to not being able to pay her debts, has caused around 60 women to raise their voices through social networks to protest against the abuses of some financial companies that would be illegal.

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They point out that they have been convinced with tricks and have become entangled with financiers that charge them high interest, they have even already filed a complaint with municipal authorities, before seizures by these companies that, they say, operate outside the law.

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In response, authorities offered the complainants that the legal department of the Commune will investigate whether these financiers are, in fact, working illegally.

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During this pandemic, the number of families who were hooked by these entities increased.

In social networks they warn not to fall into the trap of “scammers”.

Carmelina perez published in days past:

“Housekeepers, with the desire and interest to improve their economy, take money loans by offering in an attractive way with tangled contracts and of little compression for the same parties to the debts with percentages of 6% to 10% per amount acquired to weekly payments of 14 to 15 payments, offering in turn the renewal of the loans to the fulfillment of the payments, continuing and extending the debts ”.

According to the complainant, “although it is true that they are not forced or threatened, they intimidate with seizures and visits to their homes”, both from the holders and their guarantees, using phrases such as “We are going to seize you” and “we will leave them in the street”.

The sorrow of the housewives is so much and such is their desperation to pay and settle these debts, adds Carmelina Pérez, that these women acquire other debts with other financial ones, but the result is the same as the previous ones.

“These housewives work hard every day, no longer for the sustenance of their families, but for the financial ones.”

That is why “fed up with so much harassment” they are already organizing to confront the financiers and not allow them to enter.

Carmelina Pérez recalled that among the debtors in recent days there was a case of attempted suicide “due to so much desperation.” – MCB

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