Appointing the mayor of Al-Bayda as a minister..a profit for Morocco or an insult to Moroccans?! – Quraish

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Abdul Rahim Ariri *

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Abdul Rahim Ariri

Writer and journalist – Morocco

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The architects of the new government could have appointed Nabila Armili as a minister in charge of Greater Casablanca, or a minister delegated to the prime minister charged with taking off the economic capital, on the one hand to “please” it and “satisfy” those who wish to visit it, and on the other hand to put an end to the cacophonous behavior of showing Morocco’s mercy As if it is barren and that Morocco is a country without a toast!!


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Because it is morally and logically unreasonable for a person to marry a ministerial portfolio (health), all of which are defects and problems that require a full-time and “kamikaze” on the part of the minister (or minister) to restore the health facility and to ensure that the catastrophic shortcomings in public hospital institutions and their equipment, as well as the terrible shortage of doctors And nurses and aides, and between the presidency of the Casablanca municipality, which represents a third of the country’s gross domestic product, and the beating heart of Morocco.

Minister Armili will be scattered between Casa, which represents “a third of Morocco economically,” and the new ministerial position. In the end, we will be faced with: “No Didi, no love for kings,” because there will be a high probability that she “will not stumble,” neither the health files nor the Casablanca file. Note that Baydaoua has a dark precedent with the mayor/Minister Abdelaziz al-Ammari of Casablanca, as the latter did not manage to match the size of the ministry, meetings, parliament sessions, meeting ambassadors, international and national transfers, and the management of the white vertical movement. About one fifth of the urban population of Morocco.

Let us compare our situation with the other. The French Prime Minister, François Fillon, was clever in engineering the French government (Sarkozy era 2008), given the strong competition between the major European cities in attracting investment and international salons and exhibitions, and for fear that Paris will deteriorate to lower ranks than London and Frankfurt In Rotterdam and Milan, François Fillon initiated the creation of a ministry called the “Ministry for the Development of Greater Paris”, and assigned the portfolio to Minister Christian Blanc, to ensure the establishment and boldness of the Grand Paris project, which included a group of giant orchestras that were programmed and most of them were taken out. Today it has come into existence (tunnels, new metro lines to connect all the districts of the Parisian region, new platforms for charging and unloading to improve logistics, fiber optic renewal to achieve the digital cycle, improving air quality to create an attractive city visit, etc….). With this institutional architecture of François Fillon, the vision of the French government integrated and intersected with the vision of the Council of Paris and with that of the Council of Ile de France. The first winner was the Paris region and France as a whole, because Paris maintained its avant-garde position compared to European cities.

Morocco should have been inspired by this model, instead of giving an image to the world as if it were a country without adequate frameworks to manage public affairs despite the passage of 65 years since independence: the same people run the city, run the municipality, run the union, run the association, and even monopolize the management of “Sandek” architecture!

Someone might rise and say: It is not Al-Bayda that is concerned. Here are the cities: Agadir, Taroudant and Marrakesh, run by presidents and at the same time they are members of the government. This is a reasonable, reasonable and acceptable payment.

But with regard to Casablanca, the situation is different, because its financial and demographic weight makes it of a special status, and therefore it was necessary to take care (every care) to prevent combining its management with holding another position (governmental or otherwise), so one item in the Casablanca municipality budget is equal to the budget A ministry as a whole (for example, the Ministry of Relations with Parliament or the Ministry of Solidarity)!!

If we drop the education, the army, the police, the gendarmerie, and the storehouse, we find that the mayor of Casablanca is the sixth presidential authority over public sector employees in Morocco as a whole (direct municipal employees and employees of the sectors delegated to the private sector, given that these facilities are subject to the delegated authority, i.e. to the mayor) and there is no ministry parallel to the municipality of Casablanca In the size of its human resources, including the Ministry of Health!!

Why, then, the keenness to accumulate positions, reduce the chances of efficiency and effectiveness, and miss opportunities to improve the management of the public facility?!

* Director of publishing the weekly newspaper “Al-Watan Alan” and the “Afas Press” website in Casablanca

Special article for Quraish newspaper – London

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