EU announces ارب 1 billion aid to Afghanistan

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The European Commission has announced a ارب 1 billion package for Afghanistan and neighboring countries

EU Commissioner Arusolavan says the EU will release an additional 700 million euros for the Afghan aid package. European aid will be spent on humanitarian, social and economic needs in Afghanistan.

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Every effort must be made to save Afghanistan from human, social and economic catastrophe. Some of the European aid will go to neighboring countries that harbor Afghan citizens.

EU President Ursula von de Lean has pledged ارب 1 billion in aid to the G20 summit.

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It may be recalled that a virtual meeting of the G20 countries was held on Tuesday to discuss the security and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, which was hosted by Italy.

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Ursula van de Liane has made it clear that aid money will not be given to the Taliban’s interim government because the European Union has not recognized the Taliban government.

He said that the aid provided by the European Union would be provided through international organizations working there.

It should be noted that the humanitarian aid provided by the European Union is different from the development aid that was frozen.

He added that the Taliban would have to meet five EU conditions for long-term assistance. We have clarified our previous conditions for contact with the Taliban, of which respect for human rights is the first condition.

“We will not allow the Afghan people to pay the price for the Taliban’s actions,” he said. We will do everything we can to avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. And we need to hurry.

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