Maduro’s administration dismissed allegations of Baduel’s death

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The administration of Nicolás Maduro dismissed the allegations made in the statement released this Wednesday by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (Acnudh), in which the Venezuelan authorities are asked to guarantee an independent investigation into the death of General Raúl Isaías Baduel, who had been deprived of liberty since 2009.

It should be remembered that Baduel, who held the position of Defense Minister in the government of Hugo Chávez, died on Tuesday of this week as a result of a cardiorespiratory arrest caused by covid-19, according to the information released by the Chavista attorney general, Tarek William Saab, this being a version questioned by the general’s family and by various organizations.

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The OHCHR also asked the Maduro administration to guarantee “medical care for all detainees, that alternative measures to detention are considered and detainees are arbitrarily released”.

After these accusations, the regime stated that it has been in charge of guaranteeing all those deprived of liberty “the enjoyment of their human rights“, Which includes the right to due medical care, all due to the”in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and international treaties”.

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And it is that through a statement the Chavista administration recalled that the Acnudh itself has been able to verify this “in the 33 visits he has made to the country’s detention centers”, Where, he says, he has interviewed more than 410 prisoners.

The international organization also requested that alternative measures to detention be considered and the arbitrarily detained be released.

In the opinion of the ruling party, the Acnudh yields “to the pressure of those sectors that intend to continue using the issue of human rights for political purposes”.

In the same way, it denied that there are people arbitrarily detained and called on the organization to “honor the truth and adjust its performance to the principles of objectivity, non-selectivity, impartiality, non-interference in internal affairs and constructive dialogue”.

This is, the statement added, requirement “indispensable to maintain and deepen the existing cooperation and technical assistance relations”.

The NGO Foro Penal pointed out on Tuesday that with the death of General Raúl Baduel, the number of detainees for political reasons rises to 10 who have died in the custody of the State.

For its part, the Amnesty International organization demanded the clarification of the death of the soldier and denounced that he spent years in detention in “Inhuman conditions”.

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