Mauricio Vila to AMLO’s cabinet? See what the president said

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador hinted that the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, emerged from the PAN, could join the cabinet federal.

In the morning conference, the president of Morena announced that he will soon appoint former governors and political leaders of different parties to positions in embassies and consulates.

It may interest you: “I get along very well with Mauricio Vila”, says López Obrador

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“In a few days I am going to announce that ex-governors and leaders of different parties and citizens without a party are going to represent Mexico in embassies and consulates.”

Would you incorporate Vila into your cabinet?

Then they asked him if will incorporate Vila Dosal and Carlos Joaquín González to his cabinet, governor of Quintana Roo, both in opposition, to which López Obrador replied:

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“(Yes) ex-governors are going to participate in our government. “

López Obrador announced a few weeks ago that will propose to the outgoing governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, from the PRI, as Mexican ambassador to Spain.

Good relationship with some opposition governors

And today he mentioned outgoing governor of Guerrero, the also PRI Héctor Astudillo, but he did not say his destination.

Although López Obrador is usually critical of the opposition, he maintains good relationship with some opposition governors, like Mauricio Vila.

In addition to Ordaz and Astudillo, the former PRI governor of Sonora Claudia Pavlovich it also sounds for an embassy.

With information from EFE

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