Testimonies from the tragedy in Ticul

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They share their impressions after tragic tomorrow in Ticul

TICUL.— On the tragic explosion in which the spouses María Teresa Chab Segura, 64, and Carlos Brito, 67, died, there are two versions: one says that the incident occurred when the sexagenarians were sleeping and the other, that they were working pyrotechnic products and “something went wrong.”

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“Inside the property the couple’s cries for help were heard, but nothing could be done because the gate of the house had a padlock, among eight people who arrived at the place they knocked him down, but nothing could be done because the flames and explosions pyrotechnics were at their peak, “she said in shock. Evelia Ku, neighbor of the deceased.

He said that after the explosion he raised his children and grandchildren and went to the back of his yard for fear that the flames and explosives would reach their home.

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“I live opposite, and we went to the back for fear of seeing the gigantic flames and how the fireworks exploded.

“Even after the explosion, the glass in a door broke after shaking,” he added.

For your parte, José Canché, also a neighbor, indicated that he was watching baseball on television when he heard a roar.

“I thought a meteor fell. I felt that the Earth was shaken, I sat on my bed, when I went out to the street, at 25 with 44, I saw that my neighbors were outside and in a few minutes firefighters and patrols passed by.

“I live more than eight blocks away and I felt the vibration. The explosion was strong, “he said.

In social networks, especially Facebook, a large number of users living in the neighborhoods of San Joaquín 2, Centro and Las Tinajas, indicated that they heard the explosion and the shaking on the floor.

In the morning, elements from the Ministry of Defense (Sedena), the National Guard, the State Civil Protection and the State Investigation Police (PEI) arrived. The house was insured by the Prosecutor’s Office for the corresponding investigations.


After the tragic explosion, elements of the Sedena, National Guard, State Police and Civil Protection carried out an operation on premises where pyrotechnics are sold.

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They went to the property of Julián Brito, Carlos’s brother, who died in the tragedy and where explosives are also sold. About 8 years ago, this family also suffered a mishap when they exploded pyrotechnics at their home, but to a lesser extent.

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