Yucateca, in a winning team in the Mathematics Olympiad

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Young Mexican women win gold in Mathematics Olympiad

MEXICO.- A group of young mexicans obtained the third place by teams in the Pan-American Women’s Mathematics Olympiad (PAGMO), obtaining two gold and two silver medals.

Yucateca, in the winning team

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The Mexicans arrived at the Top 3 of the contest, that this year was carried out remotely due to the Covid pandemic.

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The winners are: Rosa Victoria Cantú Rodríguez and Natalia Malpica Blackaller, from Mexico City, who took the gold medal. Camila Cuevas González, from Tamaulipas, and María Fernanda López Tuyub, from Yucatan, they took the silver ones.

The competition began on October 3 and continues to develop.

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Mexico, in third place

The first place was occupied Peru and the second Canada. Mexico ranked 3rd out of 18 teams, marking an excellent starting point in this competition.

Who were behind

The team It was also made up of teachers Myriam Hernández Ketchul (leader), Olga Medrano Martín del Campo, Marcela Cruz and Cristina Sotomayor (tutors).

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.- With information from Excelsior.

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