Internet shutdown in India more than 100 times in 2021, highest in the world: Report Pi News

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A new report released by digital rights advocacy group Access Now shows that in the year 2021, the Internet was disrupted 182 times in 34 countries around the world, which is slightly more than in 2020.

Kashmiri journalists protesting against internet ban. (File photo: Reuters)

New Delhi: The new report released by the digital rights advocacy group Access Group has revealed that the Indian government disrupted internet service at least 106 times in 2021. In this way, India has become the world’s biggest violator for the fourth consecutive year regarding internet shutdown.

The data gathered in this report shows that the Internet was disrupted about 182 times in 34 countries around the world, which is slightly more than in 2020.

In the year 2020, internet shutdown was done 159 times in 29 countries.

The report said, ‘After India, Myanmar has the most number of internet shutdowns in 2021. During this, the internet was shut down 15 times. After this the internet was interrupted five times in Sudan and Iran. The documents recorded by us in the last five years show that internet was interrupted most frequently during events affecting the political situation of the country like elections, demonstrations etc.

The report also said, ‘With the situation gradually returning to normal after the spread of the global Kovid-19 epidemic, we saw an increase in internet shutdowns again in 2021. 2021 will see long and targeted internet shutdowns implemented by governments. Governments have naturally given inconsistent and only one rationale for implementing these drastic measures.

(Source: Access Now)

The Access Now report revealed that it is possible that their report did not include mention of some network bottlenecks in India due to a lack of government transparency.

The report said that this internet shutdown imposed by the concerned authorities across the country is a result of the unwillingness of the central government to create and maintain a ‘centralised repository of data’.

“This represents a failure of the requirements of the Supreme Court order to meet and uphold the 2017 suspension rules,” the report says. Due to the lack of a centralized database, it is difficult for civil society and others to effectively track and document Internet shutdowns, some of which may not even be recorded.

economic cost as well

While civil society stakeholders and digital rights experts have long pointed out how internet shutdowns hide law enforcement’s inability to deal with the Indian government’s issues, it also has an indirect economic cost.

A 2016 analysis by the Brookings Institute showed that Internet shutdowns cost India nearly $1 billion in 2015-2016, the highest among the 19 countries that were part of the analysis.

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