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Iranian link to the US through the Swiss Embassy

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Iran sent a message to the US through the Swiss embassy.

The chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces said it had sent a message to the US through the Swiss embassy saying the military operation against Israel had ended from Iran’s point of view.

Iran’s Chief of General Staff said Iran’s armed forces are on high alert, ready to intervene if necessary.

Iran has issued a warning saying that if America supports Israel in the next possible step, it will be dealt with, there will be no security for American bases.

Iran responded to Israel for the attack on the consulate

It should be noted that Iran responded to the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

Iran has attacked Israel with drones and cruise missiles, claiming to have hit 50 percent of its targets.

Late at night, sirens sounded in various areas of Israel, Israel claimed to have destroyed several Iranian drones and missiles.

An Israeli military spokesman said Iran fired more than 200 drones and missiles, 1 girl was injured in the Iranian attacks, and military equipment was slightly damaged.

US security sources say they have destroyed several Iranian drones on the border with Jordan.

Jordanian planes also shot down dozens of Iranian drones flying from northern and central Jordan to Israel.

On the other hand, Britain also sent several fighter and refueling planes to the region, according to the British government, the planes were sent to stop the raids.

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