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Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has urgently appealed to international donors for debt relief and a special program for the rehabilitation of flood-affected people in the country.

In an interview with Bloomberg in New York, the prime minister said Pakistan needed additional funds to deal with the devastation caused by the devastating climate-induced floods.

The Prime Minister said it is impossible to revive our economy with this disaster without adequate debt relief.

He said that when the country is already facing an economic crisis, floods have displaced millions of people, destroyed crops standing on millions of hectares and destroyed thousands of houses, so now we must help these millions of people. They must provide safe housing, medical facilities, build climate-resilient infrastructure and restore flood-damaged agricultural lands.

The prime minister said Pakistan will also need to import tonnes of wheat to meet its food needs this year as millions of hectares of agricultural land have been inundated due to floods.

He said that it is very unfortunate that Pakistan’s share of carbon emissions is only 0.8%, but it is among the ten most vulnerable countries affected by climate change.

Referring to his talks with world leaders on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Shahbaz Sharif said the entire international community fully supported us while realizing the dire situation.

He has demanded that Europe provide gas because the victims will have more problems in the winter, which the Russian president has also discussed.

“Recently, the IMF agreement was signed with very strict conditions that force us to tax electricity and petroleum products every month,” he said.

Shahbaz Sharif further said that Paris Club and IMF have been discussed in this regard.

On a question regarding the import of oil from Russia, he said that he has spoken to President Vladimir Putin in this regard, but nothing has been decided yet.

Responding to a question about India, he said that if India wants to talk, Pakistan is ready to discuss all issues with Kashmir, which is at the top of the agenda.

He said that both countries should understand that we are neighbors forever and should use our knowledge and resources for the good of people instead of fighting each other.


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