It was 2023: Johnny Depp is proof that cancel culture bounces off the elite | Pro IQRA News

It was 2023: Johnny Depp is proof that cancel culture bounces off the elite

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Poor, poor Johnny Depp. You know it was cancelled, right? You know his career and reputation were ruined by Amber Heard’s harpy, who profited greatly from the allegation that she was a victim of domestic violence in her now infamous Washington Post Editorial?

Oh, sorry. No, you got it wrong. It was Hurd whose career and reputation were blighted by last year’s trial, while Dib has since embarked on a world-class victory tour that has been greeted with standing ovations and standing ovations wherever he goes.

The Cannes Film Festival is the latest site of his public adoration. It’s not just the public who welcomes him either. Industry icons like Dior, Rihanna’s Savage Fenty X, MTV, and now the Cannes Film Festival have all shown their support for Depp by giving him coveted platforms to really raise his profile into the stratosphere.

You may think, what’s the problem? The jury found that Heard had already defamed Depp, so he’s innocent – why would he be overturned for something he didn’t do? Why not cancel hearing lying?

First and foremost, the trial was for defamation and not a plea of ​​guilt and innocence in relation to domestic violence. Secondly, Depp didn’t come off trial as a saint no matter how hard his online fan base tried to cleanse his image. Those scripts were dismissed to Paul Bettany as something. it was a joke! Silly old Johnny was laughing with his buddy. It would have been great if Johnny was dark and quirky like the Tim Burton characters. Nothing was meant by them. On the other hand, a monster was heard.

I think the fact that Depp’s jokes about killing and raping a woman were immediately dismissed is significant. We reject them because abuse of women is so easily ignored, undermined, or derided in our society. Depp manages to maintain his “nice Johnny” persona despite his hateful words because the vulgar, disrespectful and obscene attitudes towards women that were revealed during the trial mean nothing to us – we can accept that they are jokes because we don’t take misogyny seriously.

I mean, look at Depp’s deal with Dior. He just landed another $20 million contract for his stint as the face of their iconic fragrance, Sauvage. Now, why what a good idea to sign up for a man who has been found a “wife-beater” in English civil court to counter a campaign for a product called “Sauvage”?

Despite the outcome of the US defamation trial, it is indisputable that Depp’s texts were, to say the least, grotesquely offensive, highlighting the mistreatment of women. So why do we keep him as the face of the brand? Why would Rihanna Savage X Fenty capitalize on star Depp appearing at such a high-profile show? Well, we already know that sales of Dior Sauvage were boosted by the US defamation trial, and Depp’s inclusion in Savage’s Fenty X show certainly didn’t hurt Rihanna’s overall brand.

However, I can’t speak to the intentions of the decision-makers at Dior or Savage X Fenty, but I think you have to agree that there is something about the associations between Depp and the word “brutal.”

You could argue that “sauvage” doesn’t translate directly into English. It has a more precise meaning in French, meaning wild, natural, and untamed. fine. But again, the links with savagery remain. Same with Savage X, in which Depp wandered into a forest in his pajamas.

He poses again as a normal, perhaps to replicate his campaign for Dior. But while “brutal” has become a positive term in popular culture, there’s no questioning its double meaning—especially for someone embroiled in high-profile legal battles over domestic violence.

And now the Cannes Film Festival has opened its loving arms to Mr. Sauvage, kicking off his latest film Jane du Barry. He received a seven-minute standing ovation after the show, too. good for him. But what does it say about us?

That jokes about killing and raping women are all fun? Or is she saying we don’t take mistreatment seriously? What it does tell us is that if you’re a rich, white, famous man, making light of misogyny won’t get you unsubscribed; In fact, it might make you richer and more famous?

Johnny Depp may be celebrated on the red carpet, but we shouldn’t be celebrating our willingness to accept the association between charismatic and brutal masculinity as “normal.” Depp showed that the “wild” nature of men is not only attractive, it’s profitable – and that should never be applauded.