It was costly to hug Feroz Khan and Ashna Shah in public

It was costly to hug Feroz Khan and Ashna Shah in public

The video of Pakistan’s famous actor Feroz Khan and fellow actress Ashna Shah embracing each other in public has gone viral on social media, drawing sharp criticism from users.

According to the report, it was costly to hug Feroz Khan’s co-actress Ashna Shah on the occasion of the trailer of the movie “Leave in the Parde”. After the video went viral on social media, users criticized Feroz and Ashna Shah. ۔

In the viral video, it can be seen that the two are talking normally together as is the case in any event and at the same time taking pictures. Finally, they say goodbye to each other and Feroz hugs Ashna.

The 15-second video posed a challenge for Feroz Khan and Ashna Shah, who have been criticized by social media users for their comments.

One user wrote, “Feroz Khan left the industry, didn’t he?”

Similarly, a user S88 wrote that “it does not look like Pakistan as it is embracing”.

One user, Muntazer, wrote, “She is fine, but why is she clinging so much to Feroz Khan?”

It may be recalled that actor Feroz Khan had announced to quit the showbiz industry last year but he would return soon after.