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Italy, another migrant boat capsizes, 30 missing

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ROME: Another migrant boat capsized off the coast of Italy, leaving 30 people missing while rescue agencies rescued 17.

Italy, Illegal immigrants’ boat sinks, 58 people including Pakistanis died

According to the British news agency “Reuters”, officials from the Italian maritime security forces say that the weather was very bad, but despite this, the migrant boat was on its way from Libya to Italy.

According to the rescue services, the rescue operations are severely affected due to the bad weather, in the rescue operations
Help is also being sought from the EU border agency Frontex and private boats, with more boats being sent to help victims.

Mediterranean Saving Humans, a human rights group working on the boat accident, reported on social networking site “Twitter” on Sunday that the boat bound for Italy capsized about 110 kilometers northwest of Benghazi.

According to media reports, another organization, Alarmphone, also received calls from people traveling on the boat, after which authorities were told on Saturday that there were 47 people on the boat and that they needed to be evacuated immediately.Need help.

Migrant boat sinks in Libya, 3 Pakistanis killed

According to reports, before the boat accident, a cargo ship also tried to help the victims but it was in vain due to bad weather, after which help was sought from Italy.

According to coast guard personnel, the Italian authorities were transferring the people on the boat to the commercial vessel using commercial boats when the sudden strong wave overturned the boat and the people were washed away in the water.

According to the crew, two of the 17 people rescued are seriously injured who will be landed in Malta and on to Italy.

It should be noted that on February 26, 79 people died as a result of the boat capsizing in the region of Calabria.

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According to available data, 17,600 migrants have arrived in Italy up to March 10 this year, while in 2022 the figure was 6,000 up to March 10.