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Jain Siddha Kshetra: Gopachal

Jain Siddha Kshetra: Gopachal


Mount Gopachal, in the vicinity of the historic Gwalior Fort, is a unique site for a group of ancient artistic Jain idols. Thousands of d. Jain idols no. 1398 to no. Built by demolishing the central mountain of 1536.

These huge statues were made during the reigns of Tomarvanshi kings Viramdev, Dungarsinh and Kirtisinh. Mahakavi Pt. It had a reputation for being close to Raighu.

With the passage of time, when the Mughal emperor Babur took possession of Gopachal, he was enraged at the sight of these huge idols and ordered them to be demolished in 1557. But as soon as he struck the huge idol of Lord Parshvanath with Padmasana, a divine miracle happened and the destructive part arose and this huge idol escaped being shattered. Even today, the world’s largest 42 feet high idol of Padmasana Parasnath is full of its own exuberance and is the center of supreme faith in the Jain community.

There are 26 Jain temples in the foothills along with Lord Parshvanath’s country, Nirvana of Lord K., and two more Jain temples at Trikala Chauvisi.


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