Jalaun: Child died while playing, blind mother could not save his life | Pro IQRA News

Jalaun: Child died while playing, blind mother could not save his life

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A painful incident has come to light from Jalaun district in Uttar Pradesh. 13-year-old Jas continued to suffer from hangovers while playing. When the blind mother heard the children’s voices, she came running to save him. But she failed. The incident took place on Sunday (September 17, 2023).

According to media reports, the case pertains to Orai police station area in Jalaun. 50-year-old Sangeeta lives with her family in Kanshiram Colony here. He has been blind since birth. His son Jas was playing with his brother Yash and sisters Mehak and Aastha on Sunday. By that time the children’s father Khemchandra had gone to the market for shopping and Sangeeta was sleeping in another room.

It is said that the children were playing hanging games. The children made a noose to hang. Jas climbed this noose by placing a stool on it and put the noose around his neck. But due to the stool slipping and falling down, he hanged himself. He began to suffer due to the constriction of his throat. But the brothers and sisters also considered this acting. As blood began to come out of Ja’s nose and mouth, the brothers and sisters began to scream. His blind mother woke up after hearing the sound. She came running. But due to lack of visibility, she could not save her child.

Sangeeta tried unsuccessfully to find a knife or sharp weapon to cut the noose around her child’s neck. Appealed to neighbors for help. When the neighbors heard the screams, they came and rescued the child from the noose. People took the unconscious child to the hospital, but he was declared dead there. The police reached the spot, took possession of the child’s body and took necessary legal action. The deceased’s mother cried and blamed her blindness as the cause of her child’s death. Weeping, she said, “If God had not taken away my sight, I would have saved my child. He died in front of me and I could do nothing.”