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Jalgaon Police have seized 885 kg of ganja from a house consisting of 30 to 40 houses in Tighre, a small village in Jalgaon taluka. The local crime branch and Nasirabad police conducted joint raids on Tuesday afternoon. At today’s market price, the cost of these yards is about Rs 1 crore 6 lakh 20 thousand. In this case, the police arrested Rahul Kashinath Suryavanshi (age 25) of Ra. Vadishewale Ta. A youth found on the spot in Pachora has been arrested by the police. The owner of the house where the ganja was found is a suspected fugitive. Seeing such a large quantity of ganja in a house in such a small village, the senses of the police were blown away.

Police Inspector Kiran Kumar Bakale of the local crime branch had received confidential information that Manoj Rohidas Jadhav’s house in Tighre village had a huge quantity of ganja. He called on Superintendent of Police Dr. Praveen Munde, Additional Superintendent of Police Ramesh Chopde and Sub-Divisional Officer Somnath Waghchaure. Accordingly, Kiran Kumar Bakale, under the guidance of his superiors, appointed a team to conduct the raids.

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As soon as the police got the news, some people ran away and found one.

A team of 30 to 40 local crime officers raided Manoj Jadhav’s house in Tighre village on Tuesday. Some people fled from the spot as soon as the police got the news. Police found Rahul Kashinath Suryavanshi on the spot. Police have seized 885 kg of ganja in action. The current market price of this cannabis is 1 crore 6 lakh 20 thousand rupees. However, the landlord Manoj Jadhav is absconding and a search is on for him.

Potential to be a big racket of cannabis sales

Meanwhile, sources said that Manoj Jadhav, the owner of the house where cannabis was found, was selling stolen mobile phones. How did he get such a huge amount of ganja? This is a big question. Manoj Jadhav must have come in contact with a big racket selling ganja in the district, while on the other hand there is village Tighre near the highway. Police said that therefore Manoj Jadhav’s house may have been used for smuggling ganja or it might have been distributed from here to other places. After the arrest of Manoj Jadhav, where exactly did cannabis come from, where and how was it distributed, who was the mastermind? All such questions will be answered.

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