Jalpaiguri Commerce College: New turn at Bar Dancer Kande at Jalpaiguri Commerce College, wide is the road of professor-principal conflict. New turn in Bar Dancer Kande at Jalapaiguri Commerce College ProIQRA News

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Jalpaiguri Commerce College: New turn in bar dancer kande. This time, the principal’s lawyer sent a notice to the professor regarding the defamation of the professor.

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Jalpaiguri: The situation at Ananda Chandra College of Commerce in Jalpaiguri is getting increasingly complicated. The principal’s lawyer sent notices to the professors alleging negative comments, defamation, mental harassment etc. With which the excitement spread again in the education-loving quarters. Principal Dr Siddhartha Sarkar called a press conference in his chamber on Thursday afternoon and handed over a copy of the lawyer’s notice to the journalists.

At a press conference on the same day, the principal said that his lawyer has sent legal defamation notices to the three so far. Among these three are Assistant Professor Debashish Sinha Mohapatra of Bengal, Professor Moumita Sengupta, Professor Sabyasachi Bose. The notice clearly states that the professors must apologize through the media or in writing within five days of receiving the notice. Otherwise strict legal action will be taken against them. The principal further said, “The manner in which defamatory remarks have been made in my name through various means has ruined the environment of the college. So I immediately spoke to the lawyer and took steps to send a notice. ”

Regarding the lawyer’s notice, Professor Debashish Sinha Mohapatra said, “He has created a stalemate in the college for a long time. It’s the fight of all workers. Here the principal is personally taking the divide and rule policy. We will deal with this jointly in accordance with the law. “We want an impartial investigation,” he said. There is a mountain of corruption in the college. Let a special audit be done. ”

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Incidentally, the onset of events is quite a few days ago. Moumita Sengupta, a professor at the college, alleged that she and a few others wanted to join the West Bengal College and University Professors’ Association (WBCUPA). In this context, Moumita Sengupta had earlier said, “The principal told all our women a few months ago that I have given you a job in this college. If I didn’t get a job, you would go to the bar and dance. So you have to listen to me. ” However, the principal had earlier said that there was no evidence against him. He is even going to take legal action against those who have made various negative remarks against him in college. In the end that is what he took.


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