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Jason Momoa sports a Hawaiian malo in a new Instagram video

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Jason Momoa took a somewhat innovative approach to help sell his new clothing line — and it’s been a huge hit with fans.

After posting a short clip to his Instagram, the Aquaman star was seen wearing a new t-shirt from his collection with So iLL, and commented: “WWe’ve got all-new jerseys, we’ve got lilac, we’ve got pink, we’ve got lavender, we’ve got black.”

“Check it out,” he added as the camera panned down. “They match the shoes. You know what I’m saying? They look good.”

At that point, it was revealed that Jason had paired his colorful shirt and slippers with a traditional Hawaiian malo, laughing to himself as he walked off screen.

The stealth demo received a huge fan reaction in the comments, with one highlighting the clip as an example of “how to break the internet in less than ten seconds.”

Is it possible to know how many times I watch a particular video on instagram?? one follower of Jason asked, while another agreed:1.6 million views and 1.5 million of them are me.”

Another comment stated:Q: How many times have you watched this? I am yes.”

Meanwhile, one fan wrote: “This is very clever marketing for BRAVO…it caught our eye.”

Summing up the mood, another said, “I need Jesus and from the looks of these comments some of you do too.”

Born in Hawaii, Jason previously shared his love of the traditional malo when he stripped it naked during an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s US talk show last year.

“I actually don’t like dressing up anymore,” the Fast X star insisted at the time. “I’m in it every day. I wear this all the time.”