Jerusalemite activist: Unorganized operations affect enemy decisions and confirm the normal relationship with the occupation

Jerusalemite activist: Unorganized operations affect enemy decisions and confirm the normal relationship with the occupation

Al-Quds – “Arab Jerusalem”:

A Palestinian girl carried out a stabbing attack in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the occupied city of Jerusalem, seriously wounding a settler, which was accompanied by a call from settlers to demonstrate in the neighborhood, while Jerusalemites responded with calls to confront them.

According to Israeli sources, a settler was seriously injured on Wednesday morning, as a result of being stabbed in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

According to eyewitnesses, the occupation forces deployed in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and closed all its entrances, in search of the executing girl who was arrested inside the Modern Rawda School.

The Israeli police said in a press statement, “It received a report of a stabbing incident at the junction / entrance to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, while the injured woman was taken for treatment.”

A Magen David Adom spokeswoman said that the injury was taken to Hadassah Hospital, describing it as “critical.”

The Israeli intelligence and police forces stormed the Modern Kindergarten School in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem, for more than two hours, during which they arrested two students, the school director and the guide.

Regarding what happened in the school, the teacher, Lubna Abdeen, explained that the occupation forces suddenly stormed the school, raided the classrooms, then the intelligence services attended in large numbers, and demanded that the female students be taken out to the squares, during which they began searching the female students and focusing on their clothes.

Teacher Abdeen added that the forces arrested two sister students, the principal of the school, Fatima Al-Rifai, and the social worker.

Abdeen explained that the forces searched classrooms and some cupboards, in addition to searching ceilings in the corridors.

An hour after the arrest of the girl, the occupation forces stormed the girl’s house, searched the house, destroyed its contents, and arrested the mother of the student suspected of carrying out the stabbing attack in Sheikh Jarrah.

According to eyewitnesses, the girl was able to withdraw from the place, but the search operations carried out by the occupation police and intelligence enabled her to arrest the girl and arrest her from inside her school.

Jerusalem activists called for a response to the demonstration called by settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in response to the stabbing attack that took place on Wednesday morning.

Settler groups had called for a demonstration in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood at five in the evening on Wednesday, in response to the injury of a female settler in a stabbing attack in the same neighborhood.

As a result, activists and young Jerusalemites called for a gathering this evening in the neighborhood, and not to leave the residents of Sheikh Jarrah alone, to prevent any attack by settlers.

popular embrace

The head of the Jerusalem Anti-Judaization Committee, Nasser Al-Hadmi, said in an interview with “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” that reading the operation carried out by a Jerusalemite girl expresses the amount of anger in the chest of the Palestinian who refuses to surrender despite all the Judaization measures in the city of Jerusalem.

Al-Hadmi added: “The occupation practices Judaization in a momentary manner, demolishes homes, storms Al-Aqsa and its settlers pray in it, abuses Palestinians in their places of residence, executes young people in front of everyone’s eyes, demolishes homes and issues evacuation orders on a daily basis, and in front of that, the Palestinian cannot but break his silence. He sacrifices himself in order to raise his voice.”

Al-Hedmi continued: “Some may ask about the feasibility of operations of this type, and we say that what distinguishes them is that they are not organized, and therefore it is impossible to predict them or when they will occur, and this is something that terrifies the occupation and confuses all its calculations.”

Al-Hedmi stressed that they are operations that express personal and not organizational faith, and this is the case of the general Jerusalem community, and here he does not look at the daily feasibility of these operations (as they do not fall much from the side of the enemy), but their feasibility is that they restore the normal relationship between the occupier and the people who fall under this occupation, It is a relationship based on rejection and an attempt at salvation.

He continued, “The operations bring everything back to square one, the square of not giving up and directly rejecting the occupation policies. The feasibility is not measured day by day, but rather the overall result of such actions.”

He added that this operation and before it many other operations, and we expect that there will be operations in the coming days that demonstrate that the Palestinian people are cohesive and live as part of a revolutionary situation in the face of the occupation.

Al-Hadmi stressed that “the results of such a state of struggle are reflected on the enemy by postponing his plans, which he is walking with for a long time. Today, we heard the news of postponing the demolition of the Al-Tur building, and before it the postponement of the displacement of Sheikh Jarrah’s families. We see that his various orders have been postponed since a month past days until today. This is related to confronting the enemy and rejecting its policies, as all of its files that were under implementation are in the waiting stage, and we do not expect its plans to be implemented.”

He added: “These operations enjoy a state of popular solidarity and embrace. We see this in the citizens’ position and their presence with the families of the perpetrators, where there is no partisan or organizational embrace of such operations, and the reason is that they are resistance activities that are not subject to any political organization.”

He stressed that these repeated operations can be viewed as a “snowball” process that soon creates popular solidarity around them, and the events of 2017 (the battle of electronic gates) are an example, as the masses’ ball rolled until all of Jerusalem turned around, and the same is the case In the battle of Bab al-Amud last May, and the Bab al-Rahma confrontations, the popular embrace is multiplied without any partisan incubator or organization.

The factions are blessed

In turn, the Palestinian forces and factions blessed the operation that took place in Sheikh Jarrah in occupied Jerusalem, and led to the serious injury of a settlement.

The Hamas spokesman, d. Abdul Latif Al-Qanou, that the heroic operations in the West Bank and Jerusalem, the last of which was at dawn today, stabbing a settlement in Sheikh Jarrah, prove the greatness of the rebellious Palestinian people and that their resistance is unbreakable.

He stressed, “The Palestinian people in the West Bank and Jerusalem are in an open battle with the occupation and will come out to invaders and settlers from everywhere and by various means until it is defeated.”

For its part, the Islamic Jihad Movement, “through the leader of Ahmad al-Mudallal, blessed the rebellious forearms and the steely will that affirms the continuation of the resistance in Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

Al-Mudallal stressed, “The heroic stabbing operation in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood comes in the context of the resistance response to the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, especially in Sheikh Al-Jarrah neighborhood and in the city of Jerusalem, where the crime of ethnic cleansing.”

“The heroic stabbing operation sends its clear and strong message to the occupation that it will not be able to protect settlers and soldiers from the operations of the rebellious youth who are creating their own means of warfare,” Al-Mudallal explained.

He stressed, “The heroic operations in the West Bank and Jerusalem, as well as the resistance in Gaza and the ongoing confrontations in the 48 lands – confirm that the real relationship between our people and the occupation is the continuous clash and an open battle that will not end until the occupation ends.”

The Mujahideen Movement also blessed the stabbing operation in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, which proved that “our people are capable of changing the reality that the Zionist enemy is trying to impose in Jerusalem.”

She stressed, “This operation comes in the context of the natural response of our people in the West Bank and Jerusalem to the continuous attacks against our people and our Palestinian land.”

The Mujahideen Movement considered, “This operation proved that the young men and women of Jerusalem and the West Bank are still revolting and rebellious, and they will bring down all attempts to impose security control in the West Bank and all miserable domestication attempts.”

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