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Published by: Biswadip Dey | Posted: June 22, 2022 10:02 am| Updated: June 22, 2022 10:02 am

News Daily Digital Desk: Inflationary America in the face of inflation. As a result, pressure is mounting on the Biden administration. In that sense, it is possible Washington could compromise on trade with the “enemy” China. US President Joe Biden has announced that he will hold a meeting with Xi Jinping soon. The United States is also signaling a reduction in the tax burden on imports of Chinese goods. Clearly, the US is considering such a move to cope with the impact of inflation.

“I plan to have a meeting with President Jinping,” Biden said. But we have not set a date yet. ” Informed sources claim that the meeting could take place at any time. Earlier, the two leaders had talked on March 16. At the time, however, Biden had issued a stern warning to China. He explained that if Russia supported Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war, Beijing would suffer the consequences. But in this meeting, it is believed that the American tone will be ‘soft’.

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Needless to say, when Donald Trump was president, a 25 percent tax burden was imposed on Chinese imports. Trump said the move was a “penalty” for China’s “unethical” trade policy. That tax is due in July. It is assumed that it will not be maintained. Instead, the United States will reduce its tax burden and increase trade with China. That’s what US Treasury Secretary Janet Yelin has indicated. According to him, this will make it possible to control inflation.

China’s trade war with the United States is not new. The two countries are desperate to outdo each other in world trade by using the dollar and the yuan as ‘tools’. Ever since Trump came to power, he has been seen sharpening his weapon against China. Chinese companies had to bear the brunt of his imposition of tariffs. Beijing alleges the tax burden is illegal. But times have changed. Biden is now in the US masonry. The US economy is on the brink of collapse, with or without corona. This time, as a result, a new chapter in the commercial war between the two superpowers is about to begin.

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